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The Adventurer Club is all about supporting families as they work to develop happy, healthy, mature kids.  It provides a fun and creative environment for kids (preK - 4th) to learn more about the Bible, health, nature, getting along with others, and more.  Plus, it gives parents & guardians an opportunity to improve their parenting skills while enjoying special activities with their children.

We believe the family circle is precious in God's eyes and has measureless impact.  The Adventurer Club is a way for our church to partner with families in helping kids:

  • Develop a Christ-like character

  • Experience the joy of doing things well

  • Express their love for Jesus

  • Strengthen their ability to get along with others

  • Discover their God-given abilities and learn to use them in serving others

  • Improve their understanding of what makes families strong

More information about the worldwide Adventurer Club ministry at




We’ve just concluded our 2018-19 club year! We hope to have details about the upcoming 2019-2020 club year available by August. This past year, we hosted club meetings twice a month (generally the 1st & 3rd Tues of every month), from 6:00-7:30p in the conference rooms of the Castle Rock Adventist Hospital.  Additionally, we planned a monthly service project or field trip.

A full calendar for the club year (Aug '19 - May '20) will be provided at Registration/Parent Orientation Day, specific date/time to be determined.




Please download and print the 1) member application, 2) parent volunteer form, and 3) medical consent form.  Then submit your completed forms using the upload feature below or by mailing them to PO Box 1089, Castle Rock, CO, 80104.


STEP 2:  submit registration & T-Shirt fees

Registration is $35 per Adventurer.  Club t-shirts are $10 (required for each Adventurer but can be ordered for each member of the family if desired).  We are still working on an easy way to submit payment online, but until then you can submit appropriate payment one of two ways:

  1. By mail: Send cash or check payment to PO Box 1089, Castle Rock, CO 80104. Checks can be made payable to Castle Rock SDA Church with "Adventurer Registration" in the memo line.

  2. In person: Bring your cash or check payment to the Registration/Parent Orientation Day, date/time TBD.


Step 3:  Complete "Verified volunteers" COURSE & background check

Parent/Guardian involvement is a unique component to the Adventurer Club that generates a meaningful experience for the entire family.  Because safety is of utmost importance, we are required to make sure every adult present at Adventurer Club meetings and activities has been screened through Verified Volunteers.  View and follow these steps to complete the both an online training AND a background check through Verified Volunteers here.  When you have completed your online training course, please download your digital certificate for your records and submit it using the upload feature below.


Step 4:  submit all completed forms

Please submit the following using the upload button below, by mail (PO Box 1089, Castle Rock, CO, 80104), or in person:

  1. member application

  2. medical consent form

  3. Verified Volunteers certificate


The uniform makes the Adventurer Club real to its members.  The uniform becomes an emblem of a standard, builds loyalty to the club, and brings members into a sense of community.  The uniform should always be neat, clean, and worn with pride.

Two styles of uniform will be used at various times:

  1. Club t-shirts will be used most of the time for club meetings, field trips, and other club activities.

  2. A full dress uniform will be worn for special occasions and designated service projects. (Please note: some portions of the full dress uniform are not included in the registration fee.) Details of the full dress uniform will be provided at Registration/Parent Orientation Day, date/time TBD.