Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,
“This is the way, walk in it,”
Whenever you turn to the right hand
Or whenever you turn to the left.
Isaiah 30:21, NKJV


5/19/18 -- Thank you to all those who have been praying with and for our church's next steps.  And thank you to those who were able to participate in our meeting today.  There was a sweet spirit in our discussion, a safety in the multitude of counselors (Prov. 11:14).  The goal of our meeting was to discern God's direction together.  Claiming the promises of God's Word, and surrendering our personal agendas to His grander perspective, we wanted to be able to experience what the early church experienced as they set about discerning next steps in Acts 15:28, “For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit, and to us…”

Three options were presented:  1) relocate to Cornerstone Presbyterian, 2) relocate to 1st floor hospital conference rooms in the afternoon, and 3) keep looking for other options.  These are results of the 22 votes submitted at our meeting today:

  • Cornerstone Presbyterian -- 13
  • Hospital conference rooms -- 1
  • Keep looking -- 6
  • vote to abstain -- 2

In light of these results, what are our next steps and notable takeaways?

    • Communicate with the leadership of Cornerstone Presbyterian of our decision to use their facilities.
    • Determine a timeline for relocating that 1) is reasonably swift, 2) allows for sufficient time to notify our church family, and 3) takes into account Cornerstone's developing timeline for renovation.
    • Inquire about the possibility of using their facilities for other gatherings during the week, namely Adventurer Club meetings starting in the Fall.
    • While a timeline for relocating to Cornerstone is still being determined, we will keep our radar open to other options for larger worship space that God may bring to us.
    • Though Cornerstone is offered to us rent-free, we will intentionally budget funds that will tangibly bless the Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in appreciation for their brotherly kindness.
    • While we will be blessed to have more space to grow at Cornerstone, we recognize that the facilities in their current and even in their renovated condition will only be a temporary stepping stone to pursuing larger, long-term dreams of establishing a physical ministry presence in Castle Rock that we can call our own.


cornerstone presbyterian church

2607 5th Street, 80104

So far this is the only church that has been willing and able to accommodate us consistently on Sabbath mornings.  In addition to the sanctuary shown in the pictures (with 115 chairs), there are 4 classroom spaces available for use.  There would be no rental fee involved, only the expectation that it be cleaned thoroughly (not sure yet if that means professionally) prior to Sunday mornings.  Limited storage space would also be available on site.

Hospital's 1st floor conference rooms -- after 3pm

2350 Meadows Blvd, 80109

The 1st floor of the hospital has two large conference rooms that, when the middle partition is removed, can seat up to 120.  Due to hospital-sponsored parent education classes held on Sabbath mornings, consistent use of both of these large conference rooms (and the adjacent small rooms that we currently use for Sabbath Schools classes) is only available in the afternoons after 3 or 4pm. 


Our Advisory Council has been using the following criteria in exploring various options in the community:

  • In Castle Rock
  • Capacity for at least 75 and at most 150
  • Consistent availability on Sabbath
  • Classroom spaces -- ideally 4 separate rooms
  • Seating on site
  • Storage on site
  • Ease of setup/takedown -- this limited our search to local schools and churches



Below is a list of the schools and churches we have contacted with our request for facility use on Sabbaths.  Unless otherwise noted, they have informed us of an inability to accommodate our request.

  • Schools:  Aspen View Academy, Renaissance Academy, Castle Rock Elementary, Academy Charter School (ACS actually was open to renting to us, but our leadership team has concluded that the weekly volunteer demands for setup and takedown are beyond our current capacity.)
  • Churches:  Mt. Zion Lutheran, First United Methodist, Ridgeline Community Church, Castle Rock Bible Church, New Hope Presbyterian, Castle Rock Church of Christ, Faith Lutheran, Grace Chapel (has not responded to our request)