We exist to create environments for people to become passionate Christ-followers who SEEK God, SHARE life, and SERVE the world.

We're a new Seventh-day Adventist community of faith fueled by a calling to share an incredible hope with our Castle Rock community. Click here to learn more about the growing worldwide movement of Seventh-day Adventists.

As disciples called to make disciples, we value...


We believe that Jesus is our Creator and Redeemer and has given Himself for us.  Therefore, we are committed to responding to His love by individually living lives that glorify God in the everyday things and by uniting together in meaningful, excellent worship gatherings on the seventh-day Sabbath. (Col. 1:13-17; Rom. 12:1; Ps. 95:1-3; Rev. 14:6-7)


We believe that a trusting relationship with Christ both saves us and transforms us, changing the way we think, feel and act throughout our lifelong journey. Therefore, we are committed to engaging habits of worship, Bible study, and prayer that put us in position to know God and grow to be like Him in spiritual & emotional maturity. (John 17:3; Col. 2:10; John 15:4-10)


We believe that we are created in the image of the triune God.  Therefore, we are committed to creating environments for people of any age and background to reflect God’s others-centered love in the context of genuine belonging, consistent gathering, and practical kindness. (Gen. 1:27; Acts 2:42,46; Heb. 10:24; 1 Jn. 3:17-18; Gal. 6:10)


By His Spirit, God has empowered every believer in unique ways to serve others and be a reflection of His grace.  Therefore, we are committed to involving the spiritual gifts of every member as a mission partner, willingly participating in compassionate ministry to each other and the surrounding community. (1 Pet. 4:10; Eph. 2:10; 4:11-12)


We believe that God has a prophetic message and movement specifically designed to prepare people for His soon return.  Therefore, we are committed to sharing the hope of Christ’s coming kingdom by proclaiming the everlasting gospel in public spheres and personal friendships.  (Acts 1:8; Mt. 24:14; Rev. 14:6-12; Rom. 13:11)


Click here for a summary of beliefs of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist church.